Buy Genuine Swarovski Hotfix Crystals in Malaysia

Swarovski Crystals or known as Batu Tampal in Malaysia are not natural crystals found in caves, but are man-made gems manufactured in Austria. Swarovski crystal is known to have an excellent quality and only Swarovski factory in Austria able to produce beautiful, high-quality lead glass crystals.

There are many other manufacturers making the same crystal but none of them able to produce the exact same quality of crystals.

In Malaysia, you can buy, genuine Swarovski hotfix crystals from Zianit Crystal, an online retailer for Swarovski crystal. The price is very competitive, and you can buy with minimum quantity of 10 pieces.

Affordable Imported Abaya from Middle East


If you are looking for buying original imported Abaya from Middle East with the best quality, head over to Zianit eShop.

Zianit eShop is 100 percent owned by local Malaysian company specializing in imported Abaya, Jubah Arab & Jalabiya. No made in China, Indonesia or even Malaysia. All abaya and Jalabiya originally made in the Middle East.

Currently, Abaya from Dubai, Saudi Arabia & Qatar are available in Stock. The type of design varies from normal “A” cut abaya to Princess Cut Abaya or sometimes known as Umbrella Abaya.

For Jalabiya, stock are available for Jalabiya imported from Syria and Egypt.